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    55 EUR / month
    • Accept online reservations
    • Reservation book & table management
    • Guest book (CRM)
    • Verified guest feedback
    • Reservation & guests statistics
    • Take reservations with Google

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  • Promote your restaurant

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  • Profile on Restu portal
  • Menu & daily menu presentation
  • Events & discounts presentation
  • Extra marketing promo on Restu $
  • Accept online reservations

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  • Accept online reservations
  • Basic reservation form for your website
  • Easy online reservation blocking
  • Reservation limits settings
  • Customised reservation note for guests
  • Customised brand colors on reservation form $
  • Google analytics integration $
  • Manage your reservations & guests

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  • Basic reservation book
  • Table management
  • Email reservation reminders to guest
  • Guest book (CRM)
  • Customised guest tagging
  • Get feedback & insights

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  • Unverified guest feedback
  • Verified guest feedback
  • Reply to guest feedback
  • Reservation & guests statistics
  • Sale and accept vouchers

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  • Accept Restu vouchers

If you want to know moreFrequently asked questions

  • Do we pay for individual guests or for reservations?

    All payments are included in one price per tariff, so you do not pay any additional guest fees.

  • Can we try out Restu’s products?

    Yes, you can try out Restu for 30 days completely free of charge. In the trial mode, you will have a fully fledged product and be able to try everything that Restu has to offer. You will find out which features you really use and choose the right tariff accordingly.

  • Can we switch to another tariff during our cooperation?

    Of course you can. Just contact your Restu manager, who will help you with everything and prepare your business for the transition to another tariff.

  • How can we terminate the contract?

    If Restu’s products do not suit you, simply contact your Restu manager and agree to terminate cooperation. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period and has a 7-day notice period.

  • What can I expect the service to bring me?

    With your Restu products set up correctly, guests will come to you from your website, Facebook page and other social networks. What’s more, we will simplify your work with reservations, help you streamline the management of your operations and free up the hands of your staff to take good care of your guests.

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