Use our reservation system to simplify your work

Did you know that over 50 %% of reservations take place online, and up to 20 %% outside opening hours? With our practical reservation book you won't miss out on these reservations, and you'll save your staff a great deal of time.

  • 30 day free trial
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Reservation formPerfectly convenient booking

Our reservation form is a joy to work with, so you and your guests will handle it easily. Your guests will especially appreciate being able to make their reservation anytime they want.

  • Easy to install on your website (simply copy and paste)
  • Reservation button on your Facebook, Instagram or Google
  • Reservation from your Restu profile

Reservation bookEverything under your control

Thanks to the practical features of our reservation book, you have an overview of what is going on in your restaurant. Make use of its full potential.

  • Complete settings for restaurant capacity and rules for accepting reservations
  • Effective utilisation of restaurant capacity thanks to visual displays of individual rooms and advanced guest seating tools
  • Access to the reservation even in the event of an internet outage
  • Easy online reservation blocking when needed
  • Current reservations overview even on your mobile device
  • Conversion tracking with Google Analytics

Google reservationsTake reservations straight from Google

Reach new guests who use Google to find where to eat, and have them reserve online easily straight from the search engine.

  • Be seen on Google
  • Get reservations from search or maps

Minimise no-shows

Do you have guests who cancel at the last minute, or don’t turn up at all? Are you losing revenue? Every restaurant struggles with this issue. However, you can avoid it by using the functions of our reservation book.

  • Automatic email and SMS notification
  • Option to add a note to the guest book about an unreliable customer

Promote your brand

Edit your reservation form to be in line with your restaurant’s visual style. This is just another way to introduce your brand to customers.

FeedbackFind out what guests think of you

Not every guest will, during their visit, tell you how they liked their meal or were satisfied with the service, but you need their feedback to keep improving your business. With the reservation book, you can get it easily.

  • Only your real guests can rate
  • You can respond to the rating immediately

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